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Let’s face it…You should be confident in your septic solution. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure all of our work is done properly and is guaranteed to last. Whether it’s repair of an existing tank or the installation of a new Advantex system, gain peace of mind knowing your long-term septic needs are being managed by the most knowledgeable in the industry.

Septic Solutions carries the certifications & in-house engineering team necessary to design & install all types of septic systems.

If you are having issues with your septic system, need a new system installed, or require a real estate septic inspection, we are dedicated to ensuring that you know your options for the most cost-effective, practical and long-term solution.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today. We’d love to talk about your options & make sure you’re getting the septic solution you need.

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Our Services

Septic & Sewer Design, Installation and Pumping

With the right certifications and a trusted in-house engineering team, we have what it takes to analyze all aspects of your job and design / install the best system for your needs. We pride ourselves on thorough consultations that educate clients about the process and all of their options. Now offering septic pumping services, including drain cleaning & grease traps. 

Diagnostics, Repairs & System Replacements

If it’s salvageable, we can fix it. Whether your old system is past its prime or you need a collapsed pipe repaired, you can count on us to diagnose the problem and recommend the right resolutions.

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COSA / Real Estate Inspections

The Certificate of On-Site Systems Approval serves as confirmation to a buyer and lending institution that a property’s well and/or septic system has been inspected & tested by a professional engineer & found to comply with state standards.

Video Pipe/Sewer Scope Inspections

Take the guesswork out of solving your septic & sewer problems. With real-time video scopes inspected by trained professionals, we can efficiently identify problems & recommend the best solutions.

Ground Water Remediation

Our groundwater remediation techniques are designed to be as cost-effective as possible, taking site-specific conditions, systems and regulations into account to resolve groundwater problems effectively and efficiently. 

Foundation Sealing, Excavation & Regrading

As licensed general contractors, our services go above & beyond septic solutions. After all, foundation work, grading and other civil construction needs are frequently intertwined with septic/sewer issues, so you can trust that we can tackle all of the complexities of your job from start to finish.


Located in Wasilla, Alaska, we serve throughout South Central Alaska from Girdwood to Talkeetna, and even offer remote services when necessary.

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How often should I have my septic system pumped?

We always recommend getting tanks pumped at least once a year. In some cases, even more frequent pumps may be recommended, depending on usage. Without regular cleaning, solids can accumulate more easily on pipes and cause problems that are easily avoidable. 

Are septics one-size-fits-all, or are there options?

Not all septic systems are the same type or size. The solution that is right for your property often depends on the number of occupants, number of bathrooms, square footage, type of plumbing fixtures used, as well as the structural & geological features of your property. 

One of our biggest points of pride is that our in-house engineering team has the ability to look at all facets of your project and help you identify your septic options. Our qualified engineers often see things from a different angle from regular septic cleaning services, and our solutions are guaranteed to keep your costs and long-term satisfaction in check. 

How do I know if a home I'm buying has a worthy septic system or not?

We offer COSAs, septic inspections and even video pipe inspections to help you make the right home buying decisions. Moreover, our inspections don’t end at a pass/fail. We leave you with long-term solutions and options so that you know what to expect from your investment. 

How will I know if there is something wrong with my septic system?

Your system may need to be checked by a professional if it is exhibiting:

  • System backups
  • Standing water in your leach field
  • Tubs or toilets not draining properly
  • Foul sewage odors in or outside the home

That said, not all malfunctioning septic systems demonstrate these clear signs. To find out if your septic system is functioning properly, regular inspections are recommended. 

Can a septic system be repaired?

Absolutely, and more often than not, we are able to resolve and repair even complex septic problems. Examples may include fixing or replacing crushed or collapsed pipes and septic tank lids.

Client Testimonials

“Septic Solutions took a huge amount of stress off of us. We can enjoy our new home for years to come thanks to the painstakingly thorough design & installation work by these guys.”

- John, Wasilla AK

 “You can’t beat the folks at Septic Solutions. I had tried several other companies and nothing was done right. FINALLY, I have a solution to my home’s septic problems.”

- Anne, Anchorage AK

“With an in-house engineer, we put our trust in Septic Solutions to do things right the first time, and we’re so glad we did! They saved us a TON of money and looked at our entire foundation & septic picture so there won’t be future surprises.”

- Tony & Wanda, Eagle River AK

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