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Innovative, practical & budget-friendly solutions
to complex septic & sewer problems.



Septic & Sewer Design, Installation and Pumping

With the right certifications and a trusted in-house engineering team, we have what it takes to analyze all aspects of your job and design / install the best system for your needs. We pride ourselves on thorough consultations that educate clients about the process and all of their options. 

Diagnostics, Repairs & System Replacements

If it's salvageable, we can fix it. Whether your old system is past its prime or you need a collapsed pipe repaired, you can count on us to diagnose the problem and recommend the right resolutions.

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COSA / Real Estate Inspections

The Certificate of On-Site Systems Approval serves as confirmation to a buyer and lending institution that a property's well and/or septic system has been inspected & tested by a professional engineer & found to comply with state standards.

Video Pipe/Sewer Scope Inspections

Take the guesswork out of solving your septic & sewer problems. With real-time video scopes inspected by trained professionals, we can efficiently identify problems & recommend the best solutions.

Ground Water Remediation

Our groundwater remediation techniques are designed to be as cost-effective as possible, taking site-specific conditions, systems and regulations into account to resolve groundwater problems effectively and efficiently. 

Foundation Sealing, Excavation & Regrading

As licensed general contractors, our services go above & beyond septic solutions. After all, foundation work, grading and other civil construction needs are frequently intertwined with septic/sewer issues, so you can trust that we can tackle all of the complexities of your job from start to finish.

Over 30 Years Experience

With that much experience behind us, we forge forward with practical and budget-conscious solutions that are guaranteed to last. It’s no wonder we have happy clients throughout Alaska.

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